Spring 2015

Unique Homes Cover Story   

What’s Chic?
When Atlanta designers Robert Grayson and Andrew Harris took on the charge of repurposing the Residences at the Mandarin Oriental Atlanta by creating interiors that would resonate with locals as well as newcomers, they settled on “life is art” as their inspiration. Since then, it’s no surprise sales have been brisk, because no one phrase so aptly encapsulates attitudes of affluent consumers regarding everything they want in their homes than “life is art.” Five years ago, interiors were undergoing a shift as consumers jettisoned fussy details in favor of streamlined interiors. Sleek lines and monochromatic palettes soon replaced rooms crammed with antiques, ornate furnishings and intricate prints. Today, at the mid-decade point, transitional and contemporary looks predominate in every region.  Read more...

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices PRESTIGE The entire second edition of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices’ PRESTIGE magazine is included.  Read more...


On The Cover: When Estates Were Estates
Considering the significance of the Beverly House, $95 million is hardly unwarranted.  Read more...

Midwestern Masterpiece
This manor’s 8,000-square-foot interior exudes Old World sophistication. 

A Classical Treasure
This $38 million estate has been featured in Architectural Digest.  Read more...

These are just three of the incredible homes featured in the latest issue of The 25. Click here to see the entire magazine.

Unique Personalities Unique Personalities
Unique Personalities Unique Personalities

Vol. 4, No. 4

FC_49128_4_4_WEBEndless: Wine, there’s an app for that; Flexibility is the new top home design trend; Estate managers keep life running smoothly; Enjoy an endless summer in the Southern Hemisphere; Inside architect Chad Oppenheim’s artistic imagination; and more.


Vol. 4, No. 3

FC_49128_4_3_WEBArt: Amp up your luxury travel experience; a design duo flawlessly blends various cultures; our art IQ is on the rise; taking another look at solar energy; revisiting the dirigible for luxury air travel; baths are becoming personal oases; and more.


Vol. 4, No. 2

The Very Best: Making a fabulous kitchen today; shopping for a perfect night’s sleep; the car of the future; traveling thoughtfully; new wallcoverings and fabrics; celebrity designer Naomi Kobrin; remembering Maya Romanoff; and more.


Unique Homes Magazine Cover
  • The Roundup
    Sales of farms, ranches
    and country estates are
    on the rise.
    By Kimberly Turner Quevedo
  • Restoring Decades of Deco
    A Miami architecture firm
    is renovating three historic
    Miami Beach properties.
    By Camilla McLaughlin


Winter 2015

  • What Is The High End?
    Our Mid-Decade Outlook
    The first in a six-part series dissecting the who, what, why, where and how of luxury in 2015.
    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • Fifteen Markets to Watch in 2015
    Each year, we pick a selection of markets worth keeping tabs on during the coming year. This year our 15 for 2015 includes some of the year’s top markets, a few new under-the-radar places and one or two that end up being on the hot places of the decade.
    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • Cover Story
    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • Waterfront Properties
    Supply & Demand
    Three Florida luxury markets — Naples, Delray Beach and Palm Beach — anticipate inventory to move, and a record-breaking year ahead.
    By Lauren Varga King
  • Waterfront Properties
    Orange is the New Glam
    No longer hiding in the shadows of L.A., Orange County, California, earns global respect.
    By Roger Grody
  • The Unique Lifestyle
    The Essence of Luxury
    CORE is the private members club in Manhattan known as a playground for the zeitgeist.
    By Christine Aebischer
    Showcase Spaces
    Designers invest a disproportionate amount of imagination into two rooms: the very public kitchen and the more private master bath.
    By Roger Grody

Global 2014

  • What You Can Buy for $5 Million
    As evidenced in these 10 listings from across the globe, this price tag can mean anything from waterfront to country and everything in between.
    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • Luxury, Now!
    What Buyers and Sellers Need to Know Today
    Don’t believe everything you see on TV reality shows, where deals are verbal and listings secured more on pizzazz than PowerPoints. Real deals are often ordeals.
    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices
    The entire second edition of
    Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices’
    PRESTIGE magazine is included.

Fall 2014

  • Luxury, Now!
    Lifestyle Rules
    When it comes to resort homes, experts are witnessing changes in consumer values.
    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • Tropical Opportunities
    With friendly foreign purchasing policies and an easily accessible location, Costa Rica continues to grow as an international real estate market.
    By Sarah Binder
  • Hot Times in the City
    New York’s residential real estate is moving quickly, in part due to creative developers and spirited communities.
    By Jessica Manning

Summer 2014

  • Billionaires’ Row
    New York City’s skyline and luxury real estate market continue to evolve as new ultra-luxury buildings are constructed along and near the 57th Street corridor.
    By Kirsten Niper
  • Unique Homes Wins Three Real Estate Journalism Awards
    The National Association of Real Estate Editors (NAREE) declared Unique Homes one of the country’s Best Design, Home or Shelter magazines in June. The award in this highly regarded category was one of three bestowed upon Unique Homes through NAREE’s 64th Annual Journalism Awards, recognizing excellence in reporting, writing and editing stories about residential and commercial real estate.
  • Cover Story
    Serenity Ridge to be Auctioned
    With more than 50,000 square feet
    of indoor and outdoor living space,
    this Colorado estate may be the
    largest to sell at a no-reserve auction.

    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • Luxury, Now!
    Amenities, please!
    No longer gimmicky extras,
    amenities today are about value.

    By Camilla McLaughlin

  • Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices
    The entire inaugural
    edition of Berkshire Hathaway
    HomeServices’ PRESTIGE magazine
    is included in this issue.
  • Kate Lester
    This designer is pushing the
    boundaries in a subtle way.
    By Kimberly Turner

Ultimate 2014

  • The Priciest Top 10 Ever
    It’s been 10 years since the editors of Unique Homes debuted Ultimate Homes. And this year, we find ultra-high-end real estate selling at prices never seen before.
    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • Ultimate Homes
    You have found the only list in existence of every home for sale at $20 million or more in the U.S. We publish it every year. Enjoy.
  • Cover Story
    Tommy Hilfiger’s Penthouse
    at the Plaza

    Nothing could celebrate luxury
    real estate in the U.S. better
    than the fabulous Dome Penthouse
    at the legendary Plaza featured
    on the cover of this issue.

    By Camilla McLaughlin

Spring 2014

  • Luxury, Now!
    The New Luxury Icons
    In the first installment of our yearlong editorial series, we look at the people and the brands setting today’s high-end trends. Apple, Jason Wu, Tesla and possibly even Amazon, are rapidly reaching the status achieved by legendary luxury brands such as Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Harry Winston and Tiffany.
    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • ELITE 2014
    Our annual collection of the top
    luxury real estate professionals
    from across the United States,
    and beyond.

Winter 2014

  • 2014 Luxury Outlook
    Five years ago, the prognosis for real estate was a long, slow climb from the bottom. “Expect it to take years,” cautioned experts. And it did.
    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • Markets to Watch in 2014
    Every year we scour markets, talk to agents and brokers, and dial in the latest stats to find the best prospects for the coming year.
    By Camilla McLaughlin

Global 2013

  • What You Can Buy for $10 Million
    We travel from Hong Kong to Hillsboro, Fla., and beyond to see what today’s buyers get for $10 million.
    By Kimberly Turner & Kirsten Niper
  • Coldwell Banker
    Previews International

    Homes & Estates
    The entire Fall/Winter 2013
    edition of Coldwell Banker
    Previews International’s
    “Homes & Estates” magazine
    is included in this issue.

Fall 2013

  • Second-Home Buyers Return
    In the Southeastern U.S., distressed inventories are down, prices are up, and more second-home locations are becoming sellers’ markets.
    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • International Spotlight
    Ni Hao
    By Camilla McLaughlin

Summer 2013

  • Resort Markets Rebound
    The next segment in our yearlong series detailing The New Luxury Landscape looks at the Rockies, the Intermountain West, and the Southwest, where second-home locales are making a comeback.
    By Camilla McLaughlin

Ultimate Homes 2013

  • The Ultimate List
    Once a year, we produce a comprehensive snapshot of every home for sale in the U.S. at $20 million or more. Here you can view the entire Ultimate Homes collection for 2013 in the digital version of our magazine.
    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • Homes & Estates
    The entire Spring/Summer 2013
    edition of Coldwell Banker
    Previews International’s
    “Homes & Estates” magazine
    is included in this issue.

Spring 2013

  • Our Search for the Ultimate Bath
    We asked you to send us the best baths on the market. From your entries, we selected our 12 favorites. Then you voted for the winner.
  • Seeking the Sweet Spot in the Northeast
    The New Luxury Landscape: From increasing sales prices, to lower inventories and an overall renewed strength in certain markets, Unique Homes’ 2013 series is focusing on how luxury real estate has been reshaped. We start with a look at the Northeast Corridor.
    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • Country Roads, Take Me Home
    Many markets offering farms,
    ranches and country estates
    are boasting green real
    estate pastures.

    By Sarah Binder
  • Million Dollar Man
    One of the stars of
    Bravo’s “Million Dollar
    Designers,” Martyn Lawrence
    Bullard’s influences are
    deep and varied.

    By Jessica Decina
  • Designer Visions
    A building from 1906,
    three acclaimed interior
    designers and six filmmakers
    came together in New York
    for a creative endeavor.

    By Gina Kramer and Kimberly Turner
  • News & Notes
    Reports from Texas, Arizona, Washington, and New York.
    By Gina Kramer

Winter 2013

  • On The Rise
    In our exclusive outlook for the coming year, experts report that luxury real estate sales and prices should continue to build upon the significant gains of 2012.
    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • 12 Markets to Watch
    Some are clearly
    on the rebound; others are just
    beginning to climb out of
    the recession.

    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • 12 Top Waterfront Locales
    We find out what’s happening in
    a dozen premier waterfront real
    estate markets. Our research
    shows active buyers, happy
    sellers and busy Realtors.

    By Gina Kramer &
    Kimberly Turner
  • Private Paradise
    Over Yonder Cay offers a dream
    come true — your very own tropical
    island, with five-star amenities.

    By Roger Grody
  • News & Notes
    Reports from the U.S., the U.K. & Australia.
    By Kimberly Turner
  • Celebrity Estates
    Homes from Elvis Presley
    and Richard & Victoria
    MacKenzie-Childs .

    By Gina Kramer

November/December 2012

  • Asia: The Pivotal Puzzle Piece
    From the ascent of the BRIC countries, to the rise of luxury in Central and South America, to Europe’s traditional mega-luxury locations, we’ve followed international real estate around the globe this year. In this last installment, we focus on the most pivotal piece of the international puzzle: Asia.
    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • Cover Home:
    A Royal Retreat in Park City
    Jeffrey Katzenberg, head of DreamWorks Animation, is selling his Park City ski home for $20.5 million.
    By Roger Grody
  • Faces of Previews
    Agent Tamar Lurie already is at the top of her field — but she’s not stopping there.
    By Ken Weingartner
  • 3 For The Globe
    Luxury in England, Argentina & Italy.
    By Kimberly Turnerr
  • News & Notes
    Reports from the U.S., Canada & Africa.
    By Gina Kramer

Fall 2012

  • Cover Home:
    Casa Casuarina
    “The crown jewel of luxury real estate,”
    is the way Jill Eber describes her
    newest listing, Casa Casuarina,
    a 10-bedroom, 11-bath oceanfront
    mansion on Miami Beach’s
    world-famous Ocean Drive.

    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • International Impact: What is Going On in Europe?
    “Volatile” and “markets in turmoil” might be used to characterize the current status of real estate in Europe. Yet, recent data shows prices overall beginning to recover, and in a few prime locations, sales are brisk with few indications of an appreciable slowdown.
    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • Top Resort & Golf Locales
    If you’ve read reports about the demise of golf communities, don’t believe them.
    By Jessica Decina
  • North of the Border
    Canada’s real estate market has been stable, with significant appreciation over the last several years.
    By Jennifer Martin
  • 3 For Tennis
    Magnificent homes with their own courts.
    By Gina Kramer
  • News & Notes
    The latest from Spain, Colorado,
    California and New York.

    By Kimberly Turner
  • Celebrity Estates
    Homes from Christopher Meloni and George Washington (yes, that George Washington).
    By Gina Kramer

Summer 2012

  • Highest Residence in New York Sells for Estimated $90 Million
    Two other New York sales, of $70 million and $52.5 million, also closed around the same time. The penthouse at the Ritz-Carlton on 50 Central Park South sold to business magnate Steve Wynn, and was the sixth most expensive listing in the country.
    By Gina Kramer
  • Cover Home:
    Welcome to MariSol
    The first of just 17 homes to be built in MariSol, a new community set on 80 acres on a private bluff on Malibu’s rural western shore.
    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • At Home in Naples
    From high-end shopping to Gulf of Mexico sailing, you’ll find just about everything you’ll need in Naples, with a bonus: about 10 rainy days a year.
    By Jessica Decina
  • News & Notes
    The latest from Arizona, Utah,
    Nevada and the Bahamas.

    By Gina Kramer

Ultimate 2012

  • Ultimate Homes 2012
    If you’re looking for the most expensive real estate in the United States, you’ve come to right place. At Unique Homes, we’ve been covering the luxury real estate market for 41 years. And for eight years, we’ve been producing Ultimate Homes, which features a compilation of the most expensive residential real estate listings in the U.S. For Ultimate Homes 2012 we searched high and low for every home listed for $20 million or more.
    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • Southern Hospitality
    The second installment in Unique Homes’ yearlong International Impact series looks at Central and South America. Here, policies are friendly toward foreign investment and opportunities are plentiful.
    By Jennifer Martin
  • Cover Home:
    The Bradbury Estate
    Perfection is not an exaggeration
    when applied to this month’s cover
    property, a Palladian Neo-Classical
    compound in perhaps the most
    exclusive setting in the U.S.

    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • Going For Gold
    With the Olympics on the way,
    London continues to intrigue
    international buyers.

    By Sarah Binder
  • News & Notes
    The latest from Tokyo, South Carolina,
    California and New Jersey.

    By Kimberly Turner

Spring 2012

  • The BRICs: Forming the Foundation
    Unique Homes is taking a yearlong look at the most influential and newsworthy locations around the world, exploring how global buyers are affecting the luxury real estate market. In this first installment, we gauge the impact of the four well-known “BRIC” countries.
    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • Ranch Retreats
    After several years of softer prices and lower sales activity, the market for luxury farms, ranches and equestrian estates is beginning to heat up again. Consumer confidence and appealing sales prices are triggering more calls from prospective buyers who seek either a recreational ranch for peace and relaxation, or an operational farm as an investment. Here, Unique Homes looks at five markets nationwide where farm-and-ranch real estate is thriving.
    By Jennifer Martin
  • Cover Home:
    Let the Bidding Begin
    On 12.47 gated, pastoral acres with
    distant ocean views, One Pelican
    Hill Road is the largest private
    estate parcel available in
    Newport Coast, Calif.

    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • News & Notes
    The latest from Taiwan, West Virginia,
    Colorado and New Jersey.

    By Kimberly Turner

Winter 2012

  • Our Exclusive 2012 Real Estate Outlook: A Sure Thing?
    In an increasingly uncertain world, real estate is emerging as one of the few sure things. We’ve seen a growing reversal of sentiment regarding real estate. Scarcely two years ago, buying real property seemed the biggest gamble in town. Today, especially for the wealthy, real estate is emerging as one of the few sure things. Prices at historic lows translate into once-in-a-lifetime buying opportunities
    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • 10 Markets To Watch
    Along with our yearly Outlook, Unique Homes puts together an annual list of luxury real estate markets to watch for the coming year. Beverly Hills (and LA’s prime neighborhoods) as well as Manhattan are perennials, so this year we focus on 10 others that are worthy of note for their performance in 2011, and worth keeping an eye on in 2012.
    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • Chic Delray
    Sales are up here, and despite its
    growth, Delray Beach has
    managed to preserve
    its culture and avoid

    By Gina Kramer
  • The OC
    Prices are down, presenting rare opportunities for buyers in famed Orange County, Calif.
    By Kimberly Turner
  • News & Notes
    The latest from France, Florida,
    Hawaii and New York.

    By Kimberly Turner

40th Anniversary Issue, Nov/Dec 2011

  • Profiles in Luxury
    40 Years in the High End — We take a look at real estate professionals who have been in the business as long as we have in this final celebration of all things 40. What does it take to thrive over four decades? Persistence is essential, of course, but the pros we profile also point to a love of the business and passion to help people as key. We start with a centenarian who still drives herself to work every day.
    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • Luxury Worldwide: Looking For a Safe Harbor
    With wealth creation back in high gear, the worldwide race for prime properties is back on. However, even for the ultra wealthy, things have changed. Security and stability, from both an investment and a political perspective, have become top motivations to purchase. Everyone, it seems, is looking for a safe harbor.
    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • Cover Home:
    A Magical Setting
    Some homes are designed solely to take advantage of the views. In others, the views are incidental to a wonderful house. In the stunning estate in Aspen’s exclusive Starwood section on our cover, both work in tandem.
    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • A View From Above
    By Betty Graham, President Coldwell Banker Previews International NRT
  • The Magic of Maserati
    Of all the exciting,glamourous and historic Italian sports car brands, this nameplate may embody the most grace .
    By Matt Stone
  • It’s Good To Be King
    Chris Cortazzo began his career 17 years ago with a celebrity sale. It didn’t take him long to become ‘The King of Malibu.’
    By Ken Weingartner
  • A Site to Behold
    By marrying an age-old industry with modern technology, Michael Bruno brought “The Most Beautiful Things on Earth” to the web.

Fall 2011

  • The Future is Now
    As part of our 40th anniversary celebration, we thought it would be fun to look back at “Homes of the Future” predictions from throughout the years. Take a look at some of most interesting predictions through the decades, and see what has come true and what has not.
    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • Cover Home:
    In A Stunning World of Its Own
    Nestled on a private bluff overlooking Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, this 20-acre, European-inspired masterpiece embraces So-Cal living at its best.
    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • Sand Wedges & Tuscan Villas
    Just outside of L.A.,
    the Palos Verdes Peninsula
    features a luxury lifestyle
    framed by fairways and sea.

    By Roger Grody
  • A Club for Everyone
    Unique Homes takes a look at
    some of the hottest markets
    for those who dream of the
    golf-resort lifestyle.

    By Jennifer Martin
  • America’s Riviera
    Like France’s Côte d’Azur,
    the Hamptons are symbolic
    of fame and fortune. It is
    where American royalty
    shops for grand estates.

    By Roger Grody

Summer 2011

  • 40 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Luxury Home
    It’s been 40 years since Unique Homes
    began. Though the process of buying luxury
    real estate has dramatically changed, some
    things have stayed the same. In the fourth
    installment of Unique Homes’ 40th
    Anniversary Series, writer Camilla
    McLaughlin lists the 40 things you should
    know before you buy a luxury home.

    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • Cover Home:
    A Modern Marvel
    On Miami’s Indian
    Creek Island, this
    2-acre property with dramatic
    bay views fuses land,
    water and light to create
    an unmatched living

    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • FIABCI Introduces New Leader
    The International Real Estate
    Federation’s new president,
    Alexander Romanenko,
    inked a deal days
    into his term.

    By Sarah Binder
  • Life on the Water
    The time to buy
    waterfront properties,
    lakefront or ocean view,
    is now.

    By Jennifer Martin
  • Surfboards & Academy Awards
    Malibu, one
    of the most coveted
    areas on the California coast,
    offers many distinct lifestyles.

    By Roger Grody

Ultimate 2011

  • The Most Expensive Homes You Can Buy
    If you’re looking for the most expensive real estate in the United States, you’ve come to right place. Ultimate Homes features every home in the country listed for $20 million or more. Here we offer unmatched coverage of the 10 most expensive offerings, an exclusive list of the highest-priced homes in each state, and our list of the more than 300 amazing $20 million-plus luxury homes in the U.S.
    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • The 40 Luxury Must-Haves
    Forty years ago, Unique Homes was founded to showcase upscale real estate. During that time, we’ve seen a parade of extraordinary features, from from discos and ballrooms to helicopter pads and rooftop observatories. Here, in honor of our 40th anniversary, we name 40 features you may expect to find in the best of today’s high-end homes.
    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • Cover Home:
    Unrivaled Grandeur
    In a Palm Beach location,
    this new residence is
    almost matchless.

    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • The New Living Room
    Celebrity Chef Todd English
    and other industry experts
    talk about the hottest kitchen trends.

    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • She’s Got the Whole World…
    Betty Graham, President of
    Previews International
    for Coldwell Banker NRT,
    buys and sells the world’s
    most luxurious homes.

    By Ken Weingartner
  • Vive la France
    Homes in Paris, the
    French Riviera
    and Monaco tend
    to hold their value.

    By Roger Grody
  • Bull Market Estates
    Wall Street bonuses
    are fueling sales of
    Manhattan penthouses
    and beachfront estates
    in the Hamptons.

    By Roger Grody

Spring 2011

  • The 40 International Markets to Watch
    To celebrate Unique Homes’ fortieth,
    we’re looking at where the jetsetters are going
    and profiling 40 global markets.
    Some have already come into their own
    while others are just beginning their ascent.
    The list includes more U.S. locations
    than it would have in the past.

    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • Sun-Kissed
    The Florida luxury market is as
    diverse as the Sunshine State itself.
    And in the pristine islands scattered
    across the Caribbean, not far off the
    Florida coast, even more
    exotic opportunities await buyers.

    By Roger Grody
  • Equine Traditions
    Horse lovers find welcome space in high-end ranches and farms.
    By Jennifer Martin

Winter 2011

  • Congratulations to the Homes of the Year
    To kick off our 40th year,
    the staff of Unique Homes
    combed all six 2010 issues
    (a total of exactly 1,000 pages)
    to find our favorite homes.
    We did not rank them,
    that was your job.
    Here we present your
    Homes of the Year!
  • 2011 Luxury Outlook:
    Going Up?

    The beginnings of a recovery have arrived,
    but will it last? Experts believe it’s a
    long, shaky road from here. Our 2011
    Luxury Outlook explores the questions
    that remain for the year ahead.

    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • Split Personalities
    St. Martin and St. Maarten offer very different Caribbean lifestyles.
    By Roger Grody
  • Warming Up
    The market in Tampa and St. Pete is steadily returning to normal.
    By Jessica Decina

Global 2010

  • The Road to Recovery
    ‘It’s the economy’

    The housing market is
    so important to the U.S. economy
    that it is hard to talk about real
    estate without thinking about
    the economy as a whole. Here,
    we try to make sense of the
    latest housing numbers.

    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • It’s A Small World After All
    Worldwide wealth is up,
    and there is value to be found
    in many corners of the globe.
    Internationally, luxury real estate
    has never looked like this.

    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • Who Says You Can’t Go Home?
    The taboo about living with your folks
    is gone. As a result, Realtors and designers are accommodating multi-generational housing needs at an increasing rate.

    By Camilla McLaughlin

Fall 2010

  • The Road to Recovery
    Relationships, Not Residences

    The high end continues
    to lead a muted comeback,
    but for how long? The economy
    may hold the answer. But whatever
    happens in the short term,
    one thing is clear: luxury
    consumers are adjusting
    to a new norm.

    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • 5 Top Resort Retreats
    From Maine to Mexico,
    these vacation-home markets
    are among the hottest
    in North America.

    By Jessica Decina

Summer 2010

  • Ultimate Homes
    The More Things Change…

    We’re in our sixth year of
    compiling the most exclusive
    and complete list of luxury
    real estate offerings in
    America. Here we present
    our annual look at the most
    expensive homes in the country.
  • 5 Top Waterfront Markets
    From Maryland to South Carolina,
    and Florida to California, we profile
    five of the country’s best luxury
    waterfront markets.

    By Roger Grody
AM10 cover_web_300pix

April/May 2010

  • The Road to Recovery
    What A Difference A Year Makes

    In some areas, it may seem
    little or no progress has
    been made on the road
    to recovery for luxury
    real estate. But think back
    to January, February and
    March 2009, and you realize
    what a difference a year makes.

    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • Holding Steady
    In Cape Cod and Southern Maine,
    luxury values are stable,
    helped in some areas by
    increased interest in
    in-town properties.

    By Rick Dandes

February/March 2010

  • The Road to Recovery
    Everywhere A Sign

    Inventories are down,
    consumer confidence is
    rising and all signs indicate
    the housing market is on
    its way back. This is the first
    part in a yearlong series
    dedicated to tracking luxury
    real estate’
    s Road to Recovery.
    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • Speculators Need Not Apply
    St. Maarten and St. Barth attract
    homebuyers who actually
    want to live there. It’
    s not
    hard to figure out why.

    By Lauren Varga
  • Tried and True
    Homeowners on Florida’s Treasure
    Coast find themselves
    in one of the world’
    finest luxury locales.

    By Jessica Decina
  • A Silver Lining
    Clouds are lifting for
    Southern California real estate.

    By Jennifer Martin

December/January 2010

  • 2010 Luxury Outlook: The Road to Recovery
    It’s going to be a long road back to the top for luxury real estate. In some areas, the journey has begun. In others, we’re still “skimming along the bottom.” We asked the country’s real estate leaders what we should expect to see in 2010.
    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • 25 Markets to Watch
    Like everyone else, including
    the White House, we’
    ve been
    keenly watching indices that
    measure changes in home prices
    and sales this year. This year we
    paint a picture of real estate in
    the U.S. and internationally,
    using snapshots of 25 key
    markets that many will be
    keeping an eye on
    throughout 2010.

    By Camilla McLaughlin
  • Turning the Corner
    Ski markets in Colorado are
    picking up speed again.

    By Jennifer Martin
  • Making Space In The Heart of Boston
    New full-service, high-rise
    buildings and the conversion
    of brownstones into condos
    provide more space to buyers
    willing to pay the price.

    By Lauren Varga
  • Where the Sun Always Shines
    It’s no surprise that Palm Beach
    has held its own in the down
    market. Experts expect an
    even better 2010.

    By Sarah Binder

October/November 2009

On The Rise

The summer of 2009 saw increases
in housing starts, existing-home
sales, new-home sales and home
prices. Encouraged by this news
and the positive tidbits that
continue to filter to our desks,
re taking the real estate
temperature of cities
throughout the U.S.

By Camilla McLaughlin

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August/September 2009

Almost Heaven

We’ve identified seven areas you won’t
want to overlook in your search for
that perfect resort/vacation home:

June/July 2009