The Beverly House: For Sale or Rent

By Alexa Rozzi

The Beverly House is a legendary California estate with a history almost as rich as the celebrities, media moguls and investors who have called the 20,000-square-foot mega mansion home.

Trails of American culture have been blazed across the 3.7 acres of Beverly House property since its construction in 1926. It’s been owned by historical figures like banking executive Milton Getz, actress Marion Davies and media magnate William Randolph Hearst. It has starred in movies like The Godfather as the home of Jack Woltz, while scenes from The Bodyguard were also filmed in the anything-but-humble abode. The mansion was even the destination for John F. Kennedy and wife Jackie Bouvier’s honeymoon.

An article from shines the spotlight on the massive listing price for this massive estate, as it recently increased from $95 million to $115 million, but buyers also have the option to rent the famous estate.

A single month’s payment: $600,000.

What else does $600,000 get you in the real estate world? For what it costs to live in the Beverly House for one month, you can rent out 120 different New York City apartments on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, purchase a 4,000-square-foot home in Texas for a life of Southern bliss, or buy a six-bedroom stucco home in Arizona with a newly renovated kitchen and master suite all sitting on three acres of land.

At $600,000 per month, each day spent living in the 29-bedroom home costs $20,000, which is more than the cost of a year’s tuition for most public colleges.

This historical, prestigious California home, located just a few miles from Sunset Boulevard, is currently owned by Leonard M. Ross, an attorney and investor. In 2007, the house was first listed for $165 million, then re-listed in 2010 for $95 million.




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