Napa Consultants Int’l: Marketing Through Photography

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but choosing the right pictures to market luxury real estate can be worth thousands of dollars, according to Napa Consultants International.

By Alexa Rozzi

In an article series published by Napa Consultants International, marketing luxury real estate is an art form, where photography becomes a tool to not only engage and inform potential buyers, but increase final sales prices as well.

The articles talk about the importance of choosing photos that tell the entire story of the home. Buyers need to see the extravagant features and amenities of these properties, but more importantly they need to see themselves living the lifestyle of luxury these high end homes provide.

Napa Consultants International shows the power of what they call “WOW” photos in part one of the series, and uses a picture of a Spanish Villa estate in Santa Barbara (featured above) to explain their method in part two.

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