SieMatic Introduces the New S3 Kitchen

SieMatic Forum Showcases Customizable and Affordable S3 Kitchen, and New Designs and Finishes, at HausFair 2012

Interchangeable elements, purposeful details, and new custom finishes offer an unprecedented level of personalized luxury in the kitchen

SieMatic Forum 2012 highlighted the introduction of the new SieMatic S3 kitchen—a uniquely customizable design at an attractive price point, aimed at the emerging new generation of luxury-seekers. The forum, part of SieMatic HausFair 2012, which was held at the company’s headquarters in Löhne, Germany in September, also celebrated the concept of personalized luxury. It showcased new options for integrated living spaces, as well as a multitude of new designs and finishing techniques.

Featuring individual planning options with unique accents, SieMatic S3 speaks to modern aesthetic preferences of a younger demographic seeking flexible design solutions at attractive prices. “A special feature of the S3 concept is that it adapts to consumers’ changing lifestyles,” explains Ulrich W. Siekmann, CEO and owner of SieMatic Möbelwerke. The handle-free, minimalist design is highlighted by a distinctive, integrated grip system that, together with the inset aluminum-backing strip, can be color coordinated or mixed and matched in a selection of vibrant new colors. Colors include striking shades in Yellow, Aqua Blue, Poppy Red, or Olive Green that can be changed whenever desired. The selections afford extraordinary flexibility, making it easier for designers to offer their clients more personalized options.

The CARB-compliant SieMatic S3 is a smartly planned system with wall and base cabinets, and tall, glass-door cabinets that complement one another with German precision. The system encompasses more than 200 cabinets in varying heights and widths, which include the option of adding color to exposed cabinet interiors and shelving, in addition to grips and grip channels. Finishes include gloss and matt lacquer in eight colors, emulated wood veneer, and the new SieMatic SimiLaque in matt lacquer or high gloss laminate. SimiLaque is a lacquer-like laminate in a high gloss with nearly joint-free edges, made possible through ZeroMatic advanced laser technology.

SieMatic continues to build on the concept of seamlessly integrating the kitchen into the home living quarters with updates to its FloatingSpaces design program. At HausFair 2012, thinner shelves were introduced into the panel system, which is designed to unite, with subtle fluidity, the kitchen with the rest of the home. Remarkably thinner than the original 28 mm shelves, the new trimmed down size creates a sleek air of sophistication. At only 13 mm thick—less than half that of the original—FloatingSpaces has further closed the gap in creating a flawless segue between rooms. “The new, thinner shelves are sleek and streamlined, while keeping to our high standards of structural integrity,” says Hans Henkes, president and CEO of SieMatic Möbelwerke USA.

New finishes in the panel system include a fresh, bold Agate Grey lacquer. Reflecting the ambiance of an upscale urban apartment, cabinets and panel walls in this elegant finish create an effortless transition into a modern living space that is aesthetically appealing, as well as practical. The new offerings present highly functional options to increase cohesiveness with adjacent living spaces, in terms of cooking, living, technology, and aesthetics.

New Colors and Lacquering Techniques
Joining the striking new Agate Gray finish is an array of new, on-trend shades and innovative lacquering techniques, which translates to unprecedented personalization options. SieMatic has taken the idea of kitchen customization a step further by offering greater design flexibility. As a premium option, the company will offer special-order, custom-finished cabinets using eight new Superior Quality lacquers by year-end.

The custom-tailoring production process, performed at the factory in Germany, provides for a precise order fulfillment of any combination of Superior Quality lacquers in the available color spectrum, according to Siekmann. “This allows colors and materials to be combined on a very personalized basis for greater versatility and flexibility,” explains Siekmann.

Currently available in over 62 countries on five continents, SieMatic is an industry leader in the high-end kitchen segment with unyielding commitment to innovative engineering and manufacturing excellence. The company philosophy of complementing a lifestyle, not just offering a product, makes it unique in the industry. From manufacturing plant to showroom floor, SieMatic’s commitment to providing its customers with “the premium lifestyle they deserve” makes the SieMatic brand name synonymous with unparalleled luxury.

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