Everything you need to know about destination clubs

SherpaReport, the leading independent website for information about destination clubs, recently announced the release of “Destination Clubs: A Guide for Prospective Members.”

This free, in-depth report explains the features and benefits of destination clubs, reviews the industry’s leading destination club companies and is a valuable tool designed to help prospective members make an educated assessment about joining a club.

Destination clubs provide their members with exclusive access to a portfolio of luxury vacation homes. For discerning families and corporations, destination clubs offer private homes in some of the most select resorts, destinations and cities around the world, including Aspen, Los Cabos, London and New York.

Depending on the club, these large, spacious homes can vary in value from less than $1 million to up to $5 million. Additionally, the clubs provide full travel planning and local concierge services so that members can simply relax and enjoy their vacations.

As a trusted expert in the private luxury travel industry, SherpaReport’s earlier versions of the Guide have been downloaded thousands of times.

SherpaReport has invested hundreds of hours of research compiling the newly updated guide. It contains information and analysis collected from numerous sources, including club executives and members, club literature, third-party narratives and SherpaReport’s own examination and analysis of the industry and how the clubs have evolved over the last several years.

Those who are not well versed in destination clubs will appreciate the industry overview as well as the detailed descriptions of the five-star amenities and services that one can expect as a member. Potential members, who are further along in their research, will value the series of recommended due diligence questions to ask a club prior to joining.

“We really set out to help people with their destination club research,” said Nick Copley, president of SherpaReport. “We’ve done most of the hard work for them; to provide valuable insight for everyone considering club membership.”

– Gina Kramer

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