New York City’s Eco-Friendly Modular Homes

Eco-friendly living is all the rage, and residents of New York City’s West Village had the chance to a see a home built in 2 days and cost less than a permanent parking space, thanks to MEKA (an acronym for Modular, Environmental, Kinetic, Assembly) Modular Homes, which showcased the first of its units at the corner of Charles Street and Washington Street last month. Flexible and beautiful, these homes show a dual appeal for eco-friendly buyers. Local buyers purchased the first two units before the official Nov. 15 open.

According to founder Michael de Jong, “Many prospective homeowners want to avoid the hassle, wait time and hidden costs of traditional construction. Especially since the recession, people are looking for ease and affordability. They no longer want the oversized ‘monster’ houses that were popular years ago, but intelligent, practical living spaces. They want usable, livable interiors that are also chic and luxurious.” MEKA homes arrive 95-percent ready-built, have minimal assembly for installation of water and electricity, with solar panel electricity also available, as are other green options for “off grid living.” Made from ISO Shipping containers, the strongest and most durable modular structures in the world, MEKA is hurricane proof, earthquake proof, fireproof and exceeds international building codes, giving buyers relief from inclement weather conditions and events.

Starting at around 320 square feet and going up to 1,920 square feet, MEKA homes balance luxury and simplicity. Designed by Jason Halter and Christos Marcopoulous, the exteriors are made with 100 percent natural cedar wrapped around a durable steel frame and include a retractable cedar deck, while within the modular home natural light infuses the space from multiple sources, including from floor and ceiling windows, skylights, and porthole windows. Lined with bamboo in the main living space, in combination with floor-to-ceiling windows,  you feel absorbed in the natural outside environment while in the comfort of your home. Themes in the living room influence the state-of-the-art slate bathroom, echoing each other in mutual ways. Beneath a skylight you’ll find an angular glass shower closet, while a porthole adding an aquatic cruise-like experience.

MEKA prides itself in its home sustainability due to its building system, having less construction waste and low environmental impact. By creatively reusing reclaimed industrial materials with factory-built components, nearly up to 70 percent reused materials, MEKA fully commits to a strategic approach to homebuilding. Costs, including delivery, begin with MEKA’s studio unit at just $35,000. For more information visit

—Sonja York

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  1. The green buildings have enough eco-friendly features to achieve the platinum rating from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program

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