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bio_dmccarthyDan McCarthy, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of our parent company, Network Communications Inc., explained recently in his blog that NCI has done as much work and research as possible in order to make sure it understands specifically what it is the company has to offer its customers in order to produce the most successful outcome. Not only has NCI conducted controlled tests to determine how many leads it drives for its advertisers, it has also conducted research of past and present customers to thoroughly understand what is working and what isn’t. NCI has even done research on homebuyers and sellers in order to understand how information is acquired during the home purchase process and why one Realtor is chosen over the other.

Throughout the research process, NCI’s leaders came to realize that there was a fundamental challenge that every Realtor was facing; there is no shortage of ways to market your listings and your personal brand. Every possible route you can take requires you to do different things. The only questions are, where does one start, what should one do and who should one listen to in the clamor of experts out there?

NCI explains that before you actually make decisions on how to market, you must start by stating how much money you wish to make, calculate the number of homes necessary to sell in order to make that amount and then decide how many buyer and seller leads are required to sell that many homes. They termed that theory, “An Income-Based Approach to Real Estate Marketing.”

Scott Dixon and Todd Walker, who are leaders of The Real Estate Book brand and have both been involved in the real estate industry for more than 20 years, have interviewed many leading real estate agents about the underlying metrics of their practice: How many homes do you sell, how many leads do you get, how do you process them and what sources do you use to generate them?

They have created a workbook containing worksheets that real estate agents can actually fill out, in order to help them construct a concrete and fact-based marketing plan. Their research has shown that advertising in The Real Estate Book is a great way to produce a high volume of leads and to stay very visible to sellers as well as the market.

However, it is more costly than other programs out there and is an investment that should be made only by an agent looking to hold or build a high level of activity and income. A main point they stress in their book is that your approach should be different if you’re looking to make $50,000 in a year than if you’re looking to make $150,000.

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—Georgia Stergakos

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